Recently I had the opportunity to photograph some architecture in Budapest and though I am a big fan of modern architecture, I must admit I was not only charmed and impressed by the Whale form the Dutch architect Kas Oosterhuis, but also from the beauty of the Parliament Building! This building was build by Imre Steindl, who won an architectural competition to design and build it in 1885 and while he designed it in a Neo-gothic/Gothic Revival style best recognised in its symmetrical façade, he also added a central dome clearly inspired by Renaissance Revival architecture. Tragically, Steindl went blind before the building was finished in 1904 and passed away two years before then. He would never lay eyes upon the completion of his most elegant work.


In between two jobs I had the opportunity to do some architectural photography in Vienna. With my homemade guide from Mimoa in one hand and the wallpaper  City Guide  Vienna app from Phaidon in the other, we limit ourselves to a few areas, like the WU, the Viertel Zwei, Gasometer City and the International Centre Vienna.


In February I had the privilege to photograph a week in Basel for Audi magazine. Despite we had bad weather most of the time, I enjoyed the architecture of the Vitra Campus and some remarkable buildings into the city itself, like the Messe and the stairs by Warteck

Daniel Hechter and AS Creation

With a nod to and in the same atmosphere as the latest fashion campaign from Daniel Hechter we had the honor to photograph his latest wallpaper collection, made by AS Creation.